Whilst trodding ahead on the path of innovation and steering away our society, as a whole, towards a better future, propelled by collective efforts and the quest to push the envelope a little more in the sphere of technology and creativity , we are back with the 10th edition of INSTRUO , Kolkata's' largest technical fiesta.
This edition of INSTRUO will not only surpass all the previous ones but also set a new benchmark for technical fests in the entire eastern region of India, attracting the best brains from throughout the country and a witnessing humongous footfall. At INSTRUO , not only are ground-breaking technological ideas explored and imbibed but also exuberant and insightful conversations are sparked which ultimately aids the realisation of a better society and a brighter future !

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    Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and actions !
    Do your actions inspire others to learn more,do more and become more ?

    INSTRUO 2018 - Kolkata's largest Techno-Management fest has rolled out its coveted Campus Ambassador program. A campus ambassador not only plays a crucial role in the astounding execution and accomplishment of the fest but also empowers himself and others alongside in building a formidable profile and making way to the top. Furthermore, there also awaits a number of lucrative opportunities, goodies, incentives and certificates.

    Why become CA?
    1. Improve your soft skills.
    2. Increase your contacts.
    3. Enhance your image.
    4. Become the leader of your college.

    1. Actively mobilize students from your campus for enthusiastic and humongous participations in the events of INSTRUO 2018.
    2. Immensely publicise and promote all the events in your college.
    3. Encourage students to participate in the events.
    4. Represent INSTRUO on every platform and contribute to campus outreach efforts.
    5. Maintain a reliable and confidential database of participating students and submit it to us.

    1. Internship opportunities for top performers.
    2. Certificate of Appreciation from IIEST Shibpur.
    3. Free Registration in all events and Accomodation.
    4. Official Instruo Merchendise for Top 10 CAs.

    Eligibility/Preferred qualities:
    1. A student of UG level or higher
    2. Active on social media
    3. Motivated and driven to meet targets
    4. Readiness to select the successor campus ambassador in the next year.